Fall 2010

In this issue:

EJ chats with Mother Jones environmental journalist Kate Sheppard on her groundbreaking Gulf oil spill reporting and author James Workman on lessons learned from the Bushmen of the Kalahari.

Also, see how state legislators are trying to block environmental law clinics from pursuing probono cases and how a Detroit businessman is trying to change the face of urban agriculture in the River City.

Spring 2010

In this issue:

EJ chats with environmental journalism pro Andrew Revkin on life after the New York Times and author Joyce Egginton on the Michigan PBB crisis 30 years later.

See how deforestation forces a Malaysian indigenous tribe to abandon ancestral lands and consumer products laden with nanoparticles could be harmful for health and the environment.

Fall 2009

In this issue:

EJ chats with hybrid journalist and Pulitzer finalist Susanne Rust and author David Owen on why New York is a model for green living.

Also, see why marijuana farms on public lands aren’t kind to the environment and how General Motor’s restructuring offers conflicting environmental impacts.



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